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I’ve been baring my soul here for a while and it has been cathartic. There are very few pages of my diary left to share, but still so many confessions.

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woof!! please let me please you master <333

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Christina Hendricks by Tony Duran for Rhapsody, April 2014 

… no words

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Damn! I need a cock to suck!


Damn! I need a cock to suck!

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These aren’t just pictures.

They’re the pictures.

if you didn’t sing the intro song I know you’re lying

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Dylan and Alison part 3

It was Hallowe’en. I was young, my cute cousin was younger and his sister was younger still.


I hooked a thumb into Dylan’s waistband and started pulling down his pants with one hand and pulling his cock up with the other. He helped me with his pants and as soon as his member was exposed I kissed it. He gasped again. I detected a hint of pre-cum and my appetite was whetted. I was hungrier than ever for Dylan. I longed for the taste of boy-cum. I loved the taste of Daddy’s seed, I had grown accustomed to Greg’s spunk, Matty had matured and his flavor had changed, Paul’s cum had a certain sweetness but I recalled the taste of Matty when I first sucked his young dick.

I took every bit of Dylan’s modest member into my eager mouth. He moaned and so did I. Dylan’s dick was nearly as big as Matt’s was. Matty had grown a bit since our first time. I had struggled with Matty’s size at first, but I had worked on Daddy and Greg since then. Dylan’s wasn’t the smallest and certainly not the largest cock I’d sucked. It was perfect. It felt just right in my hand and in my mouth. I loved the smell of his skin and the taste of him as well.

My lips slid from the base to the tip and I kissed the crown of it. I swirled my tongue around it, the way all my guys liked. Dylan whispered, “Oh my fucking gawd!” as his fingers smoothed my hair. I was soon bobbing on his cock and stroking him. His breaths were getting deeper and sharper and was beginning to pant and I was dying to taste him when I pulled away and gathered myself.

I kissed his belly, his chest, his neck and raised up to look him in the eye. He opened his mouth to speak and I pressed my lips to his. He plunged his tongue back into my mouth and pulled me to him. I wrapped myself around my wonderful, younger cousin and just as I was about to melt Dylan spread his jacket out on the hay with one hand and gently lay me back on it. I was as impressed with his gallant manner as I was with his kisses, his touch, his aroma, the taste of his skin and the way we fit together.

Dylan followed me to the ground and seemed to hover above me, his body barely touching mine as he kissed me again. He took my breath away. I clawed at him as he slowly lowered himself until his chest was brushing my heaving breasts and I felt his hardness against my wet crotch. I lifted my hips to press tighter to him. He held his composure but was soon grinding on my, dry humping me, through my jeans.

He kissed my neck as he unbuttoned my top and moved my bra out of his way with one hand, while still seeming to hover. The only pressure was his hardness against me. I needed that thing inside me. He kissed each of my nipples so tenderly it made me tremble – first the left and then the right. He lingered on the right nipple. His kiss grew stronger and stronger as his lips parted more and more. He latched on to my nipple in a way no lips had ever done. He sucked my nipple like it had never been sucked. He seemed to love and appreciate my titty like no one else could. Not even Daddy or Monica sucked it that way.

I began to moan from the pleasure and Dylan moaned in harmony. I not only felt the vibrations of his voice but his emotions resonated within me as well. I was sure that he was deriving some sort of nourishment from me through my boob. It was absolutely amazing. I knew exactly what he was feeling. I was feeding him – feeding him with my love. I did love him. Suddenly I loved this boy that I had know most of my life but was just beginning to understand. I was truly  understanding him. There was a connection unlike any I had ever felt.

At that moment I felt as close to Dylan as I had felt to any one other than Daddy, and in such a similar way. It was a father/daughter or mother/son sort of bonding. I felt as if I were her mother for a moment, nursing him. It was strange, but magnificently wonderful. I enjoyed being the older one in a couple. I felt like I was nurturing him. I wanted to take him up into my womb and give birth to him. I knew I could dominate him and make him mine. I wanted him in a brand new way. I loved him. I felt like I had always loved him.

He shifted to my other nipple and I moaned out even louder. He moaned with me again and caressed by belly. I felt a surge of energy pass from his hand into my womb. It was electric. It was magic. I knew he wanted to be in me– as my son, or my baby or the father of my baby – I didn’t know. I wondered if I might be pregnant already. I had to have him inside me.

His hand slid down to my waistband and unfastened my jeans as his lips slid down to my belly. I missed the feeling of his hardness but thrilled at the sensation of his lips on my skin. He unzipped my jeans and I helped him pull them down past my hips. I wiggled them down below my knees and spread my legs for him the best I could. He kissed my pubic mound and I could have sworn that sparks flew. I was hoping that he was going to eat me out with the same amazing feelings that he showed my nipples.

He pressed his lips to my mound, inhaled deeply and pulled away. I know I whimpered. He kissed each of my nipples again and moved up to my face. I had never witnessed such deep, tender emotion in a man or a boys face.  Monica was the only one that had ever looked at me with a look even close to that. Holly might have shown such delicate emotion to me when I was small. I tried to say something to Dylan to convey some hint of what I felt just then but all I could do was mutter and mumble. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and he whispered, “Yeah, I know.” I was sure he did know.

I felt the tip of his dick brushed the wet hair of my pussy and tingles traveled throughout my body. I reached down and gently grasped that perfectly proportioned penis of his and guided him into me.  It was if he had been measured and tailor-made to fit me. My body fit perfectly in his embrace. His tongue and lips matched mine exactly and his sex united with mine as if they had been fashioned from the same pattern – male parts made to fill the voids of the female parts.

He slid his wonderful organ into me as naturally as drawing a breath. It was right where it belonged. Time slowed down as inch after inch of my amazing new lover entered me. We froze as he reached his depth and we breathed as one. He pulled back and thrust in deeper. Again he nearly withdrew and lunged into me. Faster and faster – harder and harder, but only just deep enough. It was so similar to my very first time with Matt. There was no pain at all this time. I had grown to love the pain but I was glad there was none with Dylan. It was all so sweet – so tender – so gentle. His pace increased as well as the depth of his passion.

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Love that lick!






Love that lick!


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sooo want this jacket :)

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Joanie ❤️❤️❤️ favorite Mad Men character

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